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Are you a PhD Life Explorer?

You are PhD student.

You are struggling.

You are procrastinating. You are not goning foward. You feel stressed. You are exhausted.

You don’t want to be in survival mode for 3, 4 years.

You are looking for solutions to feel good.

You are in the right place!

What will you find here?

You are going to find some tips and tools to help you to: manage your time, to get organized, to find balance between your professional and personal life, to overcome your impostor syndrome, etc.

Doing a PhD requires you to constantly learn new things and get out of your comfort zone. You did not go for the easy way in this adventure. You need to learn more about yourself to be able to identify what you would need to feel good.

This is exactly what I am going through while doing my PhD. So I want to share with you what worked for me so that it gives you some ideas to explore.

Why this blog?

As a PhD student, I encountered many difficulties along the way and I looked for solutions and tools that I want to share with you.

I realized that doing a PhD is an initiation journey! We all encounter fairly similar difficulties. It’s hard to organize, to find balance between professional and personal life, to feel legitimate and competent.

Yet, when you ask around, it is difficult to get answers on how to deal with such difficulties. Even speaking to postdocs and researchers who seem to be successful, no one could give me the keys I was looking for. I was particularly surprised to see certain researchers, whom I saw very confident and efficient in their work, revealing a huge imposter syndrome! SoI got scared: and if this feeling does not improve after completing my PhD?!

It made me realize that my impostor syndrome was not going to disappear on its own when I will be done with the thesis. I still have it after graduating for my License, and even after completing my MSc. So I had to find keys right now. I found myself learning on personal development and looking for solutions that are brought rather in the field of entrepreneurship. I am now applying those tips and tools to my thesis. So I would like to share them with you, hoping that it could give you some avenues to explore.

Feel free to leave comments under blog posts to share your experience with us! If you would like me write about specific subjects or if you want to share ideas and things that you have tested you can also contact me directly! 🙂



If you are doing a PhD, it might be that your quest for meaning is important. The field you are becoming an expert in is fascinating to you and you are seeking accomplishment both professionally and personally. You are looking for keys to feel good, so that you do not only survive your PhD but you enjoy it.


Choosing one of your biggest passion, if not the biggest one, to become your job makes it difficult to separate professional and personal life. The line is fine or maybe it just does not exist. But you feel that you also need other things to feel complete and have a healthier life in which you can take care of yourself. The issue is that when you do a PhD, you are expected to put your life on hold and put your heart and soul into your thesis. So how could you find balance?


Just like me, you may have this tendency to procrastinate doing certain tasks. Or you just find it hard to be productive and efficient. You spend too much time on certain things. You would like to organize yourself better. So you are in the right place!


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