My background
My background
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I am PhD student at Åbo Akademi University, studying benthic functional diversity and trophic interactions.


Community ecology
Environmental drivers
Benthic diversity
Functional diversity


In progress PhD in Functional Marine Diversity
Åbo Akademi University (ÅAU)
Turku, Finland
2016 MS in Biological Marine Sciences
Speciality in Marine Ecosystems
University of Western Brittany (UBO)
Brest, France
2014 BS in Biology of organisms
University of Rennes
Rennes, France


  • French – Native language
  • English – Proficient



  • FFESSM: Level 2 | CMASS**
  • Reaction and Intervention Faced with a Diving Accident (RIFAP)


  • First Aid in Team Level 1 (PSE1)
  • Boating License


PhD student

Åbo Akademi University,

From macro- to microfauna: structural and functional responses of benthic communities to abiotic and biotic stressors

Study engineer

Shellfish harvesting and wastewater as drivers for macrobenthic community structure in an inverse tropical estuary (Senegal)

  • Data analysis (R software)

  • Writing of a scientific manuscript for publication in Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science

Research internship

Structuring factors of macrobenthic communities and influence on denitrification in soft sediment (Mobile Bay, Alabama)

  • Establishment of protocols (field and lab)

  • Sampling: Petersen grab, Ekman grab, cores (diving)

  • Sieving, sorting, taxonomic identification and biomass of macrofaunal organisms

  • Granulometric analysis of sediment: grain size, porosity and C/N content

  • Chlorophyll a content (fluorometry)

  • Nutrient fluxes (core ex-situ incubation)

  • Data analysis (R software)

  • Writing of a scientific manuscript for publication

Research internship

Effects of multiple anthropogenic pressures on benthic macrofaunal communities in an inverse estuary (Sine Saloum in Senegal)

  • Sorting and species determination of macrofauna samples

  • Determination of biomass and conversion

  • Data analysis (R software): identification of communities’ structural factors

Sampling during low tide in France

Research internship

Expert assessment in estuarine and marine environments (France)

  • Sediment sampling: transect, trawling, Van Veen and Smith Mcintyre grab samplers

  • Granulometric analysis of sediment

  • Sieving, sorting and species determination of benthic macrofauna samples

  • Species determination, size measurements and weighing of EU Water Framework Directive (WFD) samples (fishes, shrimps)

  • Introduction in GIS mapping (ArcGIS) and in Access database

Research internship

Marine ichthyology: characterization of essential ecological habitats of some coastal fish species (Brittany, France)

  • Sampling: fishing for sandeel, Rance and Loire WFD (trawling)

  • Juvenile sandeel and bass dissection: sample collection (muscle tissues, liver, gills and kidney) and otolith removal

  • Functional diversity (functional traits, ImageJ, R software)

  • Isotopy (lyophilization, sample preparation for isotope analysis)


ForBio course

ForBio (Research School in Biosystematics) and Tromsø University Museum, Tromsø, Norway

DNA Metabarcoding: Data processing and interpretation

  • Practical sessions: UNIX operating system, R Studio and OBITools, EcoPrimers & EcoPCR, Biodiversity indices and Multivariate ordination in R.

  • Lectures: by Eric Coissac, Pierre Taberlet, Tristan Cumer, Inger Alsos, Anthony Chariton, Sandra Garcés Pastor, Peter Heintzman, Nigel Yoccoz (See program)

Meioscool2016 Symposium

European University Institute of the Sea (IUEM), LabexMER, Ifremer,
Plouzané, France

Meiofauna Summer School, a dive in a microscopic world

  • Conferences

  • Sessions devoted to field and laboratory work (sampling, extraction, identification of major meiofaunal taxonomic groups…)

Summer school

Pierre and Marie Curry University
(UPMC), Roscoff Marine Station
Roscoff, France

Marine biodiversity, expertise in fauna

  • Field (intertidal / subtidal): sampling exercises and species determination

  • Learning taxonomy, biology, phylogeny and ecology of marine animal species in relation with their habitats

Summer school

Arcachon Marine Station
University of Bordeaux 1
Arcachon, France

Marine ecology

  • Sampling practices

  • Learning about dune ecology, plankton, oyster farming, shell-bed and grass-bed