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Marine life explorers
Dive with me to discover marine life secrets...
About MY research
Who is behind this blog? Do you want to know more about my research?
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You can also be both, like me! 🙂

If you want to know more about marine life, WELCOME! You are in the right place!

What kind of amazing creatures you could see underwater?

You are going to find here some tips and tools to help you to: manage your time, to get organized, to find balance between your professional and personal life, to overcome your impostor syndrome, etc.

Doing a PhD requires you to constantly learn new things and get out of your comfort zone. You did not go for the easy way in this adventure. You need to learn more about yourself to be able to identify what you would need to feel good.

This is exactly what I am going through while doing my PhD. So I want to share with you what worked for me so that it gives you some ideas to explore.

“I am PhD student at Åbo Akademi University in Finland. My main research interests are biodiversity and ecosystem functioning. I am particularly interested in understanding how environmental stressors can impact invertebrate communities living in marine sediments.”

“When I tell my friends and family what I am passionate about, I usually receive a disturbed look. Why someone would be willing to do a PhD to study worms in coastal sediments of the Baltic Sea?!

To be fair, I would have react the same way 10 years ago when I didn´t know anything about marine worms. But now that I´ve learned more about them I understand how important they are for us and I would love to share this with you!

So I decided to create “Explore Marine Life” to share my passion, for curious people to be able to learn what I´ve learned thanks to great teachers and researchers. This is what science is all about to me: learning and sharing.”

“I am also sharing with you some issues I encountered as a PhD student and what solutions and tools I have discovered and that I am using, with “Explore PhD Life“.

I realized that doing a PhD is an initiation journey! We all encounter fairly similar difficulties. It’s hard to organize, to find balance between professional and personal life, to feel legitimate and competent.

Yet, when you ask around, it is difficult to get answers on how to deal with such difficulties. Even speaking to postdocs and researchers who seem to be successful, no one could give me the keys I was looking for. I was particularly surprised to see certain researchers, whom I saw very confident and efficient in their work, revealing a huge imposter syndrome! SoI got scared: and if this feeling does not improve after completing my PhD?!

It made me realize that my impostor syndrome was not going to disappear on its own when I will be done with the thesis. I still have it after graduating for my License, and even after completing my MSc. So I had to find keys right now. I found myself learning on personal development and looking for solutions that are brought rather in the field of entrepreneurship. I am now applying those tips and tools to my thesis. So I would like to share them with you, hoping that it could give you some avenues to explore.


A field cage experiment to compare native and non-native fish impacts


A field study along an environmental gradient


An aquarium experiment to measure impacts of non-native worms


A mesocosm experiment to measure impacts of climate change


A field survey to identify environmental drivers of invertebrates communities


How invertebrate communities are impacted by shellfish harvesting?


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